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Concerts Return!

We are excited to announce the return of Tonalta concerts    

Our concerts have been on hiatus due to the TPC explosion and then COVID.    This year, the concerts will be held outdoors under the Pavilion in Port Neches Riverfront Park

Save these Dates: 

Concerts will be on the evenings of May 25 (Tuesday) and/or May 26 (Wednesday), and/or May 27 (Thursday).  Depending on participation, we may not need all three evenings for concerts.  

Let Us Know about Your Participation

We need to know if, and when, you are able to attend, so the concert schedules can be finalized.   If you don't wish to participate at this time, no worries, but please let us know.    Please click the Concert Planning button below to let us know your preferences. 


Concerts are optional, but we encourage all students to participate.   Concerts should always  be a positive experience, so if your student has anxiety over performing, or does not feel prepared for the concert, please talk with your instructor.     Please check with your instructor for specific details on your performance.  

More About Tonalta Concerts

Each fall and spring, Tonalta hosts a series of concerts in which Tonalta students are encouraged to participate.   Each student typically performs one song in one of the concerts. 



  • Because we have concerts these days, we will not have regular lessons on those days. 

  • We will let you know your concert schedule the week before concerts.

  • If you have multiple students, please complete this form for each student. 



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