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Guitar Player


You've been recommended for a Tonalta Band!


Your teacher has recommended you for a band!

 Tonalta bands record music, create music videos, and perform live at area venues and events, such as the Nederland Heritage Festival, Riverfest, South Texas State Fair! Students are grouped into bands according to skill, age, and musical preferences. Professional musicians guide the band as they work up music for the stage and to record. We have bands for many ages and skill levels.

Why band? Bands are a great way to stay motivated and progressing in your music. In a band, you're on a team, working toward common goals. Students who play in band are more likely to succeed in music. The band becomes your musical support group, offering inspiration and encouragement.

What to do next?

Please read the Tonalta Band Rules and Info. Then let us know if you are interested in being in a band.  


What happens next?

We will will try to match you with others of the same age and skill level and assign you to a band. We will let you know when we have a band for you.

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